Bad Habits Keep You From Your Financial Goals

Bad Habits Keep You From Your Financial Goals

Bad Habits Keep You From Your Financial Goals

Bad Habits Keep You From Your Financial Goals
Bad Habits Keep You From Your Financial Goals

Unfortunate habits can ruin carefully planned financial plan. It’s the same with morning cup of coffee,

purchasing lunch at work every day, and then of course drinking and smoking, will take a toll on your bank account.

They’re not as visible as an individual backing up a truck and then loading your entire bank account into it and out

leaving. But, the result is identical.

A woman told her story to me. Her vice is smoking cigarettes. She smoked fewer cigarettes than

one carton per week. In addition to her husband’s routine, they would use about two cartons per week. On occasion

The choice had to be taken on whether to purchase food items or cigarettes. Which one was bought.

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She decided to work outside her home, in order to make the decision to eat or smoke disappear.

She could now enjoy both. Her work was taking up much than her free time. She was enthralled by her other

Other things aside from cigarettes, the things that money can purchase. The concept of budgeting was never thought of and she was spending every

Dime she earned. She had STUFF!

The whole thing ended as her son was struggling in at school. It was imperative to stay at home and assist

He helped him with his homework. It was because she had a bunch of stuff. Her husband and she went back to the same place.

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Income, but far more bills. There was something that needed to be given.

The substance needed to be removed which is why she started with the obvious: cigarettes. She tried everything in every method

to keep to preserve them. She tried to incorporate the items into her budget. She reduced her food bill before hanging them up.

her clothes, only cold water in her wash machine, did anything to cut costs to keep her clothes clean.


Then she realized that no matter what she did, she was unable to reduce her expenses and still save money. It was all about

Another choice another option: Stay the home of her child and stop smoking cigarettes, or go back to work in order to support her

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habit supplied.

She decided to stay at home to be close with her young son. She quit smoking. Within three and a half years, she quit smoking.

In the years since she quit her smoking habit, she has not ever smoked 27,000 cigarettes. Her savings have been $7,185.00 in addition to the savings.

more than $1900 per year. The woman has put the money to better use.

It is possible to locate a job with a salary of more than $150 per month. I’m sure I have. Don’t let your bad

Your habits control your life and consume your resources. Take control of them and then put the money you’ve saved into

Make use of using your budget.

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