Best Strategy Browser Games in 2021

Best Strategy Browser Games in 2021

Best Strategy Browser Games in 2021

Best Strategy Browser Games in 2021
Best Strategy Browser Games in 2021

In the past few months, there has been no new projects launched in the game strategy browser market, in part because the majority of developers are focused on developing mobile versions of the most popular and well-known games.

Fortunately that despite the lack originality, there are enjoyable games and millions of players playing and that’s why we’re going to present some of the top free online strategy games for 2021.

Forge of Empires

A single of the stunning browser games ever created by an German company which specializes in strategy games. The game is distinguished in the ability of moving through time. InnoGames has been successful in creating an thrilling experience, allowing players to start in an early Stone Age and advance to the Future. Beginning with simple tools and huts and then moving on to more and more sophisticated structures and technology, while also leveling up, funding research, and aiding in the continuous changing of the game’s environment. The game is adorned with high-quality real-looking, animated graphics.

Vikings of Clans: The of Clans: War of Clans

A game of strategy and browsers developed by Plarium and inspired by Viking culture. You play the role of the role of a Jarl you will be able to command an entire army toward conquering the globe. With a huge initial territory and plenty of resources, it’ll be simple to create an entire village stuffed with constructions and skilled craftsmen that can create weapons, armors and all the other items required for the soldiers. There are many types of units available and also battle machines like catapults and baliste that have distinct characteristics which can be a major factor in the battle.


Another strategy game created by InnoGames This time it’s fantasy-themed and marked in that it has two distinct races that is elves and human. Based on the faction, the appearance of the buildings and units alters, however in terms of game’s gameplay, there aren’t many variations. A different aspect that is interesting about the game is the combat system that is turn-based, due to which it’s possible to fight both players as well as IA adversaries. It’s all in 3D and with very vibrant and high-quality graphics.

The Throne Kingdom in War

This browser-based strategy game developed by Plarium has an experience that is similar to Vikings the War of Clans, but differentiating in regards to army units and other, mostly artistic aspects. Instead of managing the army of Vikings playing the role of Jarl, in this game you can play the role of Jarl You can lead an ancient kingdom and train traditional units from that time. Overall, it’s a great game, and a good alternative for those who enjoy games with strategic elements.

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