Find Millions of Music Fans by playing within the Metaverse

Find Millions of Music Fans by playing within the Metaverse

Yes, you have fans when you play tracks on the internet. “What the heck is a metaverse?” you might ask? Good question.

Wiki describes it as “the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.” However, it’s really just virtual reality online. It can be very beneficial for today’s independent musicians.

Although the term’metaverse isn’t exactly novel, the idea isn’t. We are here in Octiive are talking about online exhibits and rehearsal spaces for more than two years..

In the fall of 2021, but the industry is getting up off their chairs to discuss it.

April. 19th, 2021. South-by-Southwest posted that on their YouTube channel:

“In the middle of the global pandemic, one the biggest events ever to take place within the virtual worlds of Roblox. A two-time Grammy Award winner Lil Nas X presented a performance debut of his brand new single “Holiday,” as well as other top-selling songs, engaging in a dance party and socializing with fansand receiving more than 30 million viewers to this groundbreaking musical experience. The concert’s incredible success was possible due to the Metaverse, a technological and technological phenomenon fueled through a generation that is growing online and on global platforms, which are creating a new method for people to come connected, even when they aren’t physically together.”

Find Millions of Music Fans by playing within the Metaverse
Find Millions of Music Fans by playing within the Metaverse

Then there was a $200 million lawsuit brought against that show and others , based on the fact that Roblox was technically violating the rights to license music owners. The lawsuit put an end to music on the metaverse up to September. 27 when the lawsuit was resolved to allow owners of licenses to grant the permission for Roblox to host performances and other events on the internet.

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Now that this is over with There’s a constant online “land grab” on the Interwebs. Entrepreneurs are launching startups to make money from the music of the metaverse however they are able to.

Yes, they do. As can musicians. Learn more about how.

Roblox is an unlikely stage, but it’s done very well!

As per Rolling Stone, the metaverse has changed music in four major ways: tapping into new audience members, finding new methods to earn money Wearables, NFTs, and making use of avatars as an artist and fan.

If you weren’t aware it’s really two methods: using avatars to play music and earning real money from virtual activities. We’ll discuss both of these below.


Music from the Metaverse through Avatars!


Fans can be obtained by creating an avatar now and stepping to the realm of the virtual.

There are many ways to enter the world of meta-physics, like Minecraft as well as Roblox -both have hosted extremely successful events, but possibly the best option to make your presence felt now is Decentraland..

Decentraland was developed on the Microsoft Etherium cryptocurrency, which is making momentum over Bitcoin with each passing year. The system is designed to offer all the sound features you need with virtual world in your vicinity. As long as you have an area to go to, you can gather your musicians to play music where people can listen to your music and even watch you play on the internet (kinda).

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It’s not perfect however, this is still the starting point. Begin now and reap the rewards today and tomorrow. In the end, Generation Alpha is all about virtual spaces and are the new market you’ve been looking for.

And by this, it’s an opportunity to earn money from the metaverse simultaneously building your online brand , and possibly create a virtual space for yourself. In just a few years you could earn lots of money as the metaverse grows.

Don’t put your money into anything since this article advised you to. See a professional for guidance ].


The Alpha Generation live in virtual space, and they’re your new audience.


Find Music Fans on the Metaverse by forming new companies!


Today’s music producer with a high-tech background does not require an area to practice in, any more. They don’t even have to be connected with other musicians to create an ensemble! A frontrunner in the race for metaverse awards in the music industry is the forthcoming Roar Studios (not not to be confused with ROAR Studios located at Loyola Marymount University). It’s basically a studio where you’re an image of you (like you’re in Minecraft, World of Warcraft and other games).

The company is just beginning and already appearances within the Fortune as well as FastCompany have been popping up which means there’s plenty of excitement.

Roar is a self-promotional slogan:

“Roar Studios” is a brand new company that is creating a platform at the intersection of gaming, music, and social media that will allow musicians from all backgrounds, demographics and talents to meet their goals. Listen to music. You will be heard. Make noise!”

Roar Studios was founded in 2021 in order to help artists like you make use of today’s highly-connected, high-tech infrastructure. With Roar you’ll be able to locate bands or other artists who are willing to collaborate work, host web-based jams (better than Zoom) and play on stage virtual as you would perform in a popular concert event in your region However, this space will be a lot larger.

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However, they’re not live at the moment so be on the lookout for them. They’ll be massive when the doors are open and the time is rapidly approaching.


Watch out for Roar. They’re gonna change everything.


Explore the Metaverse Today and get your music ready for the Future!


In case we didn’t make clear that the metaverse is not a today thing, not just a day-to-day thing, and that future is right in front of us. We’re not being the only ones who believe this.

These aren’t the only methods to participate, however and there’s just no room in a single blog article to instruct musicians on how to utilize Minecraft, Roblox, Decentraland, et cetera to make the music they create heard. The idea is that you need to get familiar with the metaverse through one or more of these ways today since it will be the norm in just 10 years.

You might be able to earn some money before your music blows your up.

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