KOGI GUBER: Governor Bello In Dilemma Of Replacement As Deputy Governor And Chief Of Staff Loggerheads For Ticket

Governor Bello In Dilemma Of Replacement As Deputy Governor And Chief Of Staff Loggerheads For Ticket.

Governor Bello In Dilemma Of Replacement As Deputy Governor And Chief Of Staff Loggerheads For Ticket.

KOGI GUBER: Governor Bello In Dilemma Of Replacement As Deputy Governor And Chief Of Staff Loggerheads For Ticket.

The Governor Yahaya Bello led APC administration in Kogi State is already winding up as it barely leaps above 2 years to go. The Nov. 16th 2019 election ushered in His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello for his second tenure after the much controversy that bedevilled the governor’s first tenure.

During the first tenure, the present deputy governor, His Excellency, Chief Edward David Onoja was the Chief Of Staff to the governor, a time which they had fruitful political bromance and dubbed themselves siamese twins.

The commitment and power delegated to the office of the then Chief Of Staff bestowed on him the honour as the most active Chief Of Staff to a Governor ever in the history of the four democratic dispensation the country has witnessed.

In what seemed a cabinet reshuffle, Pharm. Asuku who emerged Chief Of Staff to the Governor in the present second tenure was the Director-general on protocols to the Governor in the first tenure.

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The elevation of his office from DG protocols to the Chief Of Staff equated his power to what the former Chief Of Staff enjoyed. The privilege of which has placed him side by side with Governor. Report has it that he’s the closest political ally to Governor Bello just the way Chief Edward Onoja was in the first tenure.

Of course it’s much pertinent to know that the time to start the underground political consultation and permutation is here since the journey is barely two years away.

Given the foregoing, rumours are rife that the Deputy Governor and the Chief Of Staff are seeking to lock horns as they both are interested in clinching the much coveted seat of power in Lugard’s house. It was reportedly rumoured that the duo are at serious loggerhead, arising from a report that the Chief Of Staff sometimes back denied the Deputy Governor the access to see the Governor.

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The reason for the complication of who to anoint as possible replacement by the Governor is largely due to the loyalty and respect the duo has accord him.

First account insider information reveals that the Governor had a sealed promise made to the Deputy Governor which he wouldn’t want to renege arising from the role the latter played in the build up to the Governor’s emergence both in the first and second tenure.

As gathered, the Deputy Governor who is an Igala from Kogi East boasts the most powerful political structure in the state, seconding the Governor’s. It was further revealed that his much organized political structure produced the Senator, House Of Representatives and House of Assemblies representing the region as well as large number of Appointees from the region. It therefore tells how influential he is and what that holds for him.

On the flip side, the Chief Of Staff who shares tribal affinity with the Governor is said to be a political giant two; particularly banking on the advantage of his one on one relationship with the Governor. This as believed is his major strength. He was rumoured to be the most powerful after the Governor as he now makes so many political decisions at the behest and even outside the governor’s knowledge considering that the governor’s concentration has shifted from State politics to national.

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Worthy of mention is how he has reportedly raised young men and youths of purpose who dubbed him Asukulifted. These people are waiting till the perfect time to troop out in his support. He has also built a large community of followers too as a result of his philanthropic gesture around the state.

These duo are the front lining potential replacement for Governor Bello. How the game plays out in the end is the keen interest of many as all hands are folded in watch to see who gets what and how at the tail end of the jostle.

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