Unblocking the Barriers to online Giving

Unblocking the Barriers to online Giving

Unblocking the Barriers to online Giving

Unblocking the Barriers to online Giving
Unblocking the Barriers to online Giving

Once you’ve spent the time and effort putting together a savvy strategy for soliciting online donations, how can you be sure you are providing soon-to-be-online-donors with a stress-free, barrier-free donation experience? Here are some things to take into consideration prior to your “go live” with your solicitation.

Email could be considered to be “bulk” or lacking a personal feel

solution: You already have a database that contains a wealth of information about your donors. Use it to your advantage in sending out e-mail solicitations. Be sure to personalize the message sent via email and your online experience making use of database variables. Contact them directly and, if suitable to the content you have addressed–include the status of their gift and personal interests or YTD gift amount as well as acknowledge previous use of their donations, etc.

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Form fatigue

solution: Avoid the “whiplash” that may happen when your donation page isn’t in line with what the donor was able to see in the request. Don’t give them a reason to doubt that they’re in the right spot to make their donation. The pages for custom giving must be created based on the appeal, and be tailored in relation to “the ask,” and communicate the appeal again on your online application. To minimize forms fatigue, you should pre-populate the donor details from your existing database with the exact amount of money you want to ask.

Third-party collection or giving software

Solutions: Avoid using any software that requires donors to sign up in order to make an amount (Pay-Pal is an example). You may think that you’re receiving a fair price for your organization but if the procedure cannot be properly integrated with your campaign, you may be unable to secure gifts in the process. Be aware of the name that shows on the receipt. even if it’s not that of your business, it could create confusion and cause donors to challenge the charge or even cancel the credit card as they believe the credit card number is stolen.

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Thank according to contribution amount

Answer: It may not be the limiting factor to this gift , but the gift could pose a hindrance to the following one. Do you acknowledge your contributors the same manner with a gift of $5 like you would for a gift of $5000? If not, you may appear unsincere at both sides of the spectrum. Make sure you use the appropriate words and provide a follow-up that clearly conveys your gratitude to them for their gift.

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Processing donations using shopping cart software

Solutions For best results, utilize customized form and software for online gifting. Software for shopping carts is designed for online stores. It’s designed with a language for buying and shopping, but not about donating, giving or aiding an organisation. This may appear to be a minor issue however, you might create confusion and create an unnecessary obstacle to the person who receives the present.

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