Why Yahaya Bello May Reconsider Options As He Allegedly Lobbies For Vice President Ticket

Yahaya Bello Allegedly Lobbies For Vice President Ticket

Why Yahaya Bello May Reconsider Options As He Allegedly Lobbies For Vice President Ticket

Why Yahaya Bello May Reconsider Options As He Allegedly Lobbies For Vice President Ticket .

In the wake of recent happenings, His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello who has been at the forefront of the presidential race campaign has been reported to have lowered his expectation from clinching the ticket of the APC presidential candidate down to the Vice President.

This follows the resolve and resolution of the Southern Governors to not allow the North hold on to power beyond President Buhari’s administration. It remains unascertainable if truly there is a laid down zoning arrangement and even the constitutionality of such is questionable.

However, in a bid to strengthen internal democracy, the parties’ modus operandi seems to stress the importance of power rotation. It, though may not be a written down or formal arrangement but taking precedence from past happenings reveals the fact that zoning has been part of the political game from the inception of the fourth republic.

The Kogi Governor who many sees to be new to the political system considering that he became politically active just from 2015 has been on the headlines for several months now banking on the youths mandate to fly his ambition. Report has it that he hasn’t declared officially to run for the position of the president of the country but the mene mene tekel is visible on the wall.

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The Governor is also banking on allegations that the North Central has been marginalized by the core North over the years, stressing that the North Central States are only recognized by the core North on papers and during elections only after which they are forgotten until the next election. Of course, this as may be true is not enough to buy political sympathy from power brokers. Hence, the non stop consultations far and wide.

However, despite the massive push by the governor, the odds may seem to work against him seeing some recent twist in political activities.

Below are the reasons why he could have considered settling for the vice president ticket instead;


The Southern Governors comprising of South-West, South-South, and South-East across party lines recently converged to discuss crucially the 2023 general election. One of the resolution they made was to never give support to any political party that picks presidential candidate from the North ahead of 2023.

What does this interprete? It means that the South are brazenly prepared to strip power off the grip of the North by all means possible and Kogi where Governor Bello originates from is regarded as part of Northern States without considering whether they are marginalized or not. What the South simply want is that North shouldn’t hold unto power after the normal 8 years ritual of power rotation.

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However, this never seemed to bug the Kogi Governor as he publicly declared that as far as we all Nigerians, everyone is free to contest any position.


The Bola Ahmed Tinubu is also a very strong indication that the odds might work against GYB. Of truth, Asiwaju Tinubu had over the years offered much value to the party in comparison to anybody else.

It is a clear truth to go by. He has invested heavily on the party in the build up to the 2015 election. As a matter of fact, the realization of President Buhari to form alliance with the political sage played a major role in getting PDP to relinquish power in 2015, same as 2019 when the APC had a smooth sail to hold on to power.

The fact is that Asiwaju Tinubu didn’t do all this for the love of APC but for the fact that he has his eyes casted on the presidency goal. So, unless some unforeseeable political indices or health concerns makes Tinubu drop his presidential ambition, he remains a tough nut to crack for anybody irrespective of party differences.

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Rumours are also rife that he he might not contest due to his deteriorating health concerns but might anoint a candidate on the long run. The fact points that except the cabal want to betray Tinubu, he’s given enough and added much value to the party such that he deserves to be considered capable as the next president of the country when President Buhari’s tenure elapses.


There are agitations also that the party chairmanship be zoned to North Central and hosts of candidates from the region are all out to clinch the APC chairmanship ticket without even considering what effect it poses on Governor Bello’s aspiration.

It is most time difficult for a single region to produce the president and the party chairman at the same time but not totally impossible because it is not specified constitutionally. If North Central eventually clinches the chairmanship ticket, it could deliver a huge blow to Governor Bello’s ambition.

Considering the factors above, it may not be an easy outing for the Governor. Perhaps, these are his considerations and reason why he’s rumoured to be lowering his ambition to the Vice President seat and not the President anymore.

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